“I wrestled…”

“I wrestled…” There are so many people in this area in particular who truly understand the life changing effects that grappling has for the body and the spirit. They are called wrestlers. But for ALL who wrestle there’s an end.

“I wrestled…”, but what do you do now? You once were humble enough to step into a singlet before any eye that could see you and battle another person.

Be humble enough to put yourself into a kimono and get back to the mat through Jiu Jitsu. Jiu Jitsu has no end.

There are practitioners and competitors of ALL ages. I wrestled too. I DO Jiu Jitsu now and I will be able to train until the day I die. I want to extend the chance to always be on the mat to you. If you wrestled comment here. If you know a wrestler, send them this post!

Let’s get these folks back on the mat to stay. Love and chokes to all. Xoxo